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Class Information

Class Schedule

We offer regular beginner classes and year-round ongoing classes.
Our classes are taught at a slow pace,
allowing students time to gain a thorough understanding of the movements as they improve and progress.


Tai Chi and Health
The Staged Approach

If you are new to Tai Chi, the Beginners class is the place to start.
Those who have completed 'Beginners' can move straight into a 'Continuing' class;
or into 'Beginners Plus' (a transition class between Beginners and Continuing); or both.
An understanding of the Tai Chi form is required before entering into the Lok Hup, Saber, or Sword forms.

Class has moved outdoors for the summer months 2022.

Day Time Class

9:30 - 11:00 am

Tai Chi   (Continuing)
must have completed the beginners course

Other forms practiced periodically are:
Push Hands        The Sword Form        The Sabre Form

Canadian Tai Chi Academy