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Tai Chi for Your Health

During Tai Chi practice, the muscles and tendons are alternately stretching and relaxing. That makes them flexible and the joints become looser.

During the stretching and relaxing, blood in the veins is being squeezed back to the heart. The blood in the artery flows easier and fuller; and the looser joints will let the blood flow through without impediment. With good circulation, the body will heal and rejuvenate itself naturally. More than blood circulation is improved: the lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems run better as well.

One of the reasons that people feel so good when they are doing Tai Chi is that the movements are relaxing, even at the beginner level. This is because the nature of the movements tends to naturally stretch the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a gentle manner.

Many other activities give the benefits of stretching, but none do it exactly like Tai Chi because in Tai Chi, stretching involves the entire body, not just arms or limbs or other segments. The more a practitioner can connect the whole body in his or her practice, the more relaxation can be implemented.

Tai Chi exercise allows the body to rejuvenate itself naturally.

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